Bradley T. Meirs
Fire Alarm Technician
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Fire / Occupational Safety Section


Telephone: 828-3473
Fax:   828-1773
Cell:   400-4973
Office: Sanger Hall B2-004
Hours:  Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 4:30

Academic Credentials:
    (U. S. Navy)
    Damage Control Academics School
    Foam Generating Systems Operation and Maintenance
    Portable Diesel Firefighting Pump Operator
    Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
    Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course

Professional Credentials:
    (U. S. Navy)
    Nuclear Reactor Compartment Fire Fighter
    Aircraft Firefighting Team Leader, On-Scene Leader
    Gas Free Engineer
    Helicopter Control Officer
    Visit Board Search and Seizure Team RHIB Boat Driver
    Chief Master at Arms, Investigator, and Evidence Custodian

Professional Affiliations:
    Retired U.S. Navy Firefighter and Law Enforcement Officer
    American Kennel Club Handler, K-9, Advance Obedience

Areas of Expertise:
    Portable Firefighting Equipment
    Installed Firefighting Equipment
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological Warfare Defense
    Firefighting Theory, Systems, and Maintenance Instructor

    My duties include ensuring that the MCV Campus and hospitals portable extinguishers comply with state standards.  I assist in the testing of installed firefighting systems, fire alarm systems, and fire drills.

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