Guy Murdock
Fire Sprinkler Technician
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Fire / Occupational Safety Section


Telephone: 828-0040
Fax:   828-8316
Pager:  *60, 6285 or 213-1626
Office: Sanger Hall B2-004
Hours:  Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 3:30

Academic Credentials:
    Matoaca High School

Professional Credentials:
    Graduate of Fire Officers class and Hazardous Material Incident Commander at the University of Maryland.  Instructor III, Fire Inspector III and Fire Officer
    III per National Fire Protection Association.

Areas of Expertise:
    Sprinkler systems (wet, dry, and pre-action)
    Kitchen hoods
    Halon /FM 200 Systems
    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Drill Evacuations
    Fire Pumps

    My main objective is to provide a fire safe environment for all occupants and visitors to the VCU campus.  This is accomplished through fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguisher, and fire pump tests according to requirements of fire standards.  I also assist with the overall duties and responsibilities of the Fire Safety Section on a daily basis.

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