Below is a list of news and useful information for the University and VCU Health System community:

VCU Safety Awareness Handbook

VCU Safety Manual (PDF Format)

VCUHS Safety Manual (PDF Format)

VCUHS Departmental Safety Program (PDF Format)

VCUHS Audit Checklist (PDF Format)

VCUHS Audit Questionnaire (PDF Format)

VCUHS Satellite Locations Safety Manual (PDF Format)

Ergonomics Information

Safety and Liability Issues for Non-VCU Employees (PDF Format)

OEHS Forms

MRI Safety Policy

Important Information about Select Agents Registration

Workers Right-to-Know Brochure for VCU & VCUHS Employees (PDF Format)

VCU Vehicle Accident Prevention and Safety Program

VCUHS Policy for Use of X-ray Equipment for Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures (PDF Format)

Fluoroscopic Exposure Action Levels (PDF Format)


Last update: 8/14/15