Holly Dean, B.S, CNMT
Radiation Safety Supervisor
Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Radiation Safety Section

E-Mail:   ehdean@vcu.edu

Telephone:   828-9131, 828-5680
Fax:               828-1157
Pager:          *60, 6071
Office:          Sanger Hall, B2-012
Hours:          8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.,  Monday - Friday

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Academic Credentials:
   B.S. - Medical College of Virginia - Clinical Radiation Sciences, Nuclear Medicine

Professional Credentials:
   Nuclear Medicine Technologist - Nuclear Medicine Certification Board
   Certified PET Technologist - Nuclear Medicine Certification Board

Professional Affiliations:
   Virginia Chapter Health Physics Society

Areas of Expertise:
    X-ray machine inspections
    Radiation safety training
    Nuclear Medicine
    Laboratory surveys
    Calibration of survey instruments

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