Mary Beth Taormina, M.S.
Assistant Director - Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Manager - Radiation Safety Section
Laser Safety Officer
Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiation Sciences


Telephone:   828-9131
Fax:               828-1157
Pager:          *60, 6070
Office:          Sanger Hall, B2-005
Hours:          7:00 - 4:00, Monday - FridayGREY_LINE.gif (137 bytes)

Academic Credentials:
   A.S. - Medical College of Virginia (Radiologic Technology) - 1977
   B.S. - Medical College of Virginia (Radiation Sciences Education) - 1984
   M.S. - Virginia Commonwealth University (Biomedical Engineering) - 1994

Professional Credentials:
  American Registry of Radiologic Technologists - 1977
  Qualified Private Inspector (Diagnostic X-ray Equipment) - Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health

Professional Affiliations:
   National Health Physics Society
   Virginia Chapter Health Physics Society
   Laser Institute of America

Areas of Expertise:
   General radiation protection issues
   Regulatory licensing and compliance
   Radiation Oncology licensing and regulations
   Protocol review - radiation use in humans
   Protocol review - non-human radiation use
   Laser safety and compliance

   Please contact me with questions regarding protocols for human and non-human use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices.  I also review protocols involving the use of radiation for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

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